Dr. Oz Promotes Eviscerate on National TV??????

  1. Dr. Oz Promotes Eviscerate on National TV??????

    Secret Weapons to Fight Cellulite | Page 2 | The Dr. Oz Show

    Nah, not really - but he has now come out touting the effectiveness of both Raspberry Ketones and now Aminophylline. Note this:

    " Aminophylline Cream
    This cutting-edge anti-cellulite cream contains the organic compound aminophylline, also used in many inhalable asthma drugs. When applied topically, this compound helps break down fat in cells so it can burn easier. Aminophylline cream, available online for about $40 a bottle, should be applied to the affected area on a daily basis. To supercharge this treatment, add vitamin C, which helps to build collagen. Make sure you get 75 mg of vitamin C each day. One kiwi or a cup of strawberries will do the trick."

    $40 a bottle for a "cream" that only contains Aminophylline? Don't waste your money. For less than $40 you can get Eviscerate (or smolder) - a formula with a vastly superior carrier, a high dose of Aminophylline, and a ton more effective ingredients.

  2. you're lucky, I am sure the fear monger would have found a way to say there was arsnic in it or something

  3. How do you like THEM apples?

  4. Oh i see what you did there. that was good.... Will Hunting.. (hopefully there are some other Kevin Smith fans out there)
    to be fair it is organic

  5. you guys should make a topical, diuretic gel for competitive bodybuilders!
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