1. New GLYCEMYX Review

    From a local tester:

    Update on my experience as a "local tester" for Glycemyx-
    I've so far used Glycemyx as both a meal replacement and a pre-workout carb. The best thing is that it's easily flavored to my liking, since the flavor of the powder itself is very light.
    -Normally for lunch I have a quick shake with cookies and cream protein, strawberries and skim milk. It's quick, and if I eat it with a peanut butter sandwich it fills me up for an hour or so. I've been replacing the PB sandwich with a scoop and a half of Glycemyx and it's been keeping me full until my preworkout meal at 4pm.

    -I've also used it as a pre-workout carb with BCAA's and added Leucine. This one I flavor with a crystal light type sugar free drink mix, and it tastes great. Usually if I need a quick carb fix before a workout I'll go with WMS, but that leaves me tired about halfway through my lift. Glycemyx gives me energy throughout the whole workout, and when I paired it with Slin-Sane the pumps were awesome, and my muscles felt full long after my workout was over.

    Normally I get most (90%) of my nutrients from whole food, I'm not a big shake guy, unless I'm in a hurry. I'm usually opposed to shakes as meals because they leave me hungry, but Glycemyx takes care of that. I'm looking forward to using it on a cut for this reason. I think you guys have a real winner on your hands here!

  2. I used it today as a meal replacement with a protein blend, right as I went into work. I was very satisfied! Usually I stare at the clock for lunch but I felt full for hours! As well as a noticeable sustained energy. That was using a 2:1 ratio of P:G

  3. Sounds great. Like the tester you quoted I hardly EVER use any sort of meal replacement, but this has me intrigued as an add on to some of my protocols.

  4. looks awesome!
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  5. If it can keep me full then this wil be awesome. Usually shakes don't fill me, even with blended oats.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dlucks View Post
    If it can keep me full then this wil be awesome. Usually shakes don't fill me, even with blended oats.
    Most definitely it will keep you on a good one. When I take it as a meal replacement I add a scoop or two of protein and I'm good for at least 2 hours
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  7. Can't wait to get some purp up in mah belly! That review is all the more promising. Eagerly awaiting my trials, the write-up, and for everyone else to try it.

  8. He jelly

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