About to start up Slin Sane! Question??

  1. About to start up Slin Sane! Question??

    I've been a fan of Anabolic Pump for the longest time, it's always been a staple in my regimen.. but I'm trying out Slin Sane on a recommendation from one of my friends. Went ahead and grabbed 2 bottles. It's looking good! I like the addition of Norvaline into the blend! I have a question.. does anyone know the potency of the corosolic acid used in Slin Sane, from the Banaba? The strongest available I think is 20%. Is this what is used? Same with the Gymnema Sylvestre... most partitioners use a 75% potency. Is there anyone here who knows?

  2. The Corosolic acid is not the most active component of Banaba. We specifically dialed it back to the 1% in order to maximize the other bioactive compounds.

    75% on the Gymnemma.

    The synergy with the Norvaline is very potent, and is definitely what makes SlinSane different and more effective.

  3. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2007 Dec;4(4):401-7.
    Antidiabetes and Anti-obesity Activity of Lagerstroemia speciosa.
    Klein G, Kim J, Himmeldirk K, Cao Y, Chen X.

    College of Osteopathic Medicine, Edison Biotechnology Institute, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The Molecular and Cellular Biology Program, Department of Biological Science and Department of Biomedical Science, Ohio University, USA.

    The leaves of Lagerstroemia speciosa (Lythraceae), a Southeast Asian tree more commonly known as banaba, have been traditionally consumed in various forms by Philippinos for treatment of diabetes and kidney related diseases. In the 1990s, the popularity of this herbal medicine began to attract the attention of scientists worldwide. Since then, researchers have conducted numerous in vitro and in vivo studies that consistently confirmed the antidiabetic activity of banaba. Scientists have identified different components of banaba to be responsible for its activity. Using tumor cells as a cell model, corosolic acid was isolated from the methanol extract of banaba and shown to be an active compound. More recently, a different cell model and the focus on the water soluble fraction of the extract led to the discovery of other compounds. The ellagitannin Lagerstroemin was identified as an effective component of the banaba extract responsible for the activity. In a different approach, using 3T3-L1 adipocytes as a cell model and a glucose uptake assay as the functional screening method, Chen et al. showed that the banaba water extract exhibited an insulin-like glucose transport inducing activity. Coupling HPLC fractionation with a glucose uptake assay, gallotannins were identified in the banaba extract as components responsible for the activity, not corosolic acid. Penta-O-galloyl-glucopyranose (PGG) was identified as the most potent gallotannin. A comparison of published data with results obtained for PGG indicates that PGG has a significantly higher glucose transport stimulatory activity than Lagerstroemin. Chen et al. have also shown that PGG exhibits anti-adipogenic properties in addition to stimulating the glucose uptake in adipocytes. The combination of glucose uptake and anti-adipogenesis activity is not found in the current insulin mimetic drugs and may indicate a great therapeutic potential of PGG.

  4. Very interesting! This I was not aware of. I'm ready to give this a go. The dosing is something i'll be playing around with. I think i'll use it basically the same way I used Anabolic Pump. 1 cap before breakfast, Post W/O meal (or lunch), and before bed with a protein shake, even though there really isn't much to regulate at that point.. the majority of responses to that dose seem to be very positive. I'll also be stacking slin sane with Na R-ALA, about 120 mg per dose.

    I'm interested in the synthetic 4-hydroxyisoleucine that is slated to be included in the next version of SS! Any word on when that is supposed to happen?

  5. I would estimate a few more months to the new version. There is a lot of ridiculous extra surcharges right now that we need to wait on.



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