First day of eviscerate smolder

  1. First day of eviscerate smolder

    All I have to say is ... WOW.
    Applied at 8am and it burned used a half dollar size amount for my stomach and love handles. Has anyone had it burn 10 hours later or just about? I was lifting and when I started to sweat my stomach turned into a furnace and it finally cooled down in the shower. Has anyone experienced this?

  2. Yeah it burns. It burns less than the OG, but you're using's going to burn. I find it starts to burn whenever I get a serious temperature increase (even sometimes from putting the covers on me in the middle of the night), but especially before workout. I like best to use it on workout days and wash it off post workout. Be careful with it, but it works. I usually apply it with latex gloves and use a different workout towel for my body than my face.

    I've had it burn like 15 hours after application. It burns until about 25 minutes after a wash off in the shower.

  3. "...this may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to...."

  4. It's funnier when you apply it in the morning, workout.. shower, and late that night at sexy time it burns the woman

  5. Yeah it's been a week and I can't
    even feel it after I apply it anymore.

  6. It cooled down in the shower?? Damn mine gets like 10X worse in the shower haha.

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