Body Composition: Pre-DCP I was 119.4 pounds at 11.2% bodyfat. On finishing up H.E.A.T. Stack, used with DCP, I was 123.2 pounds at 11.2% bodyfat. In the time that I stacked DCP with H.E.A.T. Stack I had a HUGELY successful recomp, with a final gain of 3.8 pounds at a ratio of 8 to 1 increase in lean mass (+3.4 pounds) and bodyfat (+0.4 pounds) respectively, whilst maintaining 11.2% bodyfat.

Appetite: Appetite was normal for me on the DCP/H.E.A.T. Stack stack.

Overall: Although a successful recomp, the period over which these results occurred was very short at only a week, and a few more weeks would be required to see if such a rate of recomp would be continued, and to get a true idea of "final" body statistics.

Would I use again? Yes.

Would I recommend? Yes. If you want a recomp, DCP/H.E.A.T. Stack is definitely a stack to consider adding to your supplement arsenal.

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