Rosie's Review of H.E.A.T. Stack

  1. Rosie's Review of H.E.A.T. Stack

    My first bottle of H.E.A.T. Stack finished . . . I started out using it standalone, to see how it affected me, before stacking it with other products that I have previously used. I ended up using H.E.A.T. Stack for ~3 weeks (instead of the planned one week only) standalone before finishing my last week on it with DCP . . .

    What is it?

    * Increases lipolysis and enhances fat loss
    * Improves mood
    * Appetite suppression
    * Aids in nutrient repartitioning
    * Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pain reducing benefits
    * Blood pressure regulating effects

    For more information on H.E.A.T. Stack, review Genomyx - H.E.A.T. Stack.

    Fat Loss: I actually did NOT have any fat loss when using the H.E.A.T. Stack. In saying all that, the goal during the period I was using H.E.A.T. Stack was NOT fat loss, but a RECOMP, and so therefore, for what I was trying to achieve, I WAS SUCCESSFUL . . . Going over the individual weeks of usage of H.E.A.T. Stack, the changes were: Pre-H.E.A.T. Stack I was 115.2 pounds at 9.8% bodyfat; one week into H.E.A.T. Stack I was 126 pounds at 11.6% bodyfat (+10.8 pounds and +1.8% bodyfat); two weeks in I was 120.2 pounds at 11.2% bodyfat (-5.8 pounds and -0.4% bodyfat); three weeks in I was 119.4 pounds at 11.2% bodyfat (-0.8 pounds and no change in body composition; after four weeks - I started using DCP at the end of week three - I was 123.2 pounds at 11.2% bodyfat (+3.8 pounds and no change in body composition) . . . Overall, with H.E.A.T. Stack standalone, I gained 4.2 pounds and 1.4% bodyfat, at a ratio of 1:1.3 bodyfat to lean body mass . . . Adding in DCP made a huge difference, and I maintained my body composition whilst losing body mass, ending up from start to finish of H.E.A.T. Stack gaining 8 pounds - that mass gained at a ratio of 1:2 re bodyfat to lean body mass with + 2.5 pounds of bodyfat and +5.5 pounds of lean body mass (both to 1 d.p.) . . .

    Mood: My mood had its high moments interspersed with periods of extreme aggression, which was all more to do with what was going on at the time than H.E.A.T. Stack (or any supplement that I was using).

    Appetite: Appetite was not quelled at all when using H.E.A.T. Stack. However, I was not trying to restrict my caloric intake either, given that I was RECOMPING.

    Nutrient Repartitioning: N/A.

    Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, and Pain Reduction: My wrists and back gave me a lot of issues over the time that I used H.E.A.T. Stack, but this is not because of the product - I was also not using Erase when I started H.E.A.T. Stack, starting it about the same time I started DCP, and so it is only to be expected that my joints were in pain.

    Blood Pressure: N/A.

    Overall: Since H.E.A.T. Stack is a non-stimulant fat burner, designed more for fat loss than the [successful] recomp that I used it for, I do not feel that I gave it a fair trial as far as the purpose it was designed for, and therefore cannot assign it an "overall" score.

    Would I use again? Yes, because I feel and know that I did not really give H.E.A.T. Stack a decent chance at showing me what it was capable of doing, and I want to do this, because H.E.A.T. Stack has an excellent formulator, an ingredient profile backed by science, and multitudes of positive feedback.

    Would I recommend? I would recommend stacking H.E.A.T. Stack with DCP - a great option, as seen from my results. Otherwise, I would need to give it a fair trial before I could recommend it for fat loss from a personal perspective . . . I WOULD recommend it as an addition to any recomp stack, though . . .

    This review can also be found at post #171 of my log, Genomyx H.E.A.T.s up the Female Terminator with DCP to Smolder for Competition in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subforum.

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    always love your reviews, rosie... thank you!
    HYBRID Performance Nutrition
    Mike ~ R/D

  3. Did you notice a vast increase in body temperature ??? I sure as hell do with HEAT

  4. I guess it just depends because my body heat rises like crazy especially during my workouts.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Chee Scott View Post
    Not from H.E.A.T. Stack, no.
    When I'm following a strict, correct diet I most certainly do as well...majorly noticeable.


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