Genomyx presents: Whey Creamy

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    I'm actually considering doing a Tea version. What flavors would you recommend?

    A tea version? For tea that you use with milk (herbal teas don't use creamer or milk)? Not sure - I'm partial to berry flavoured teas, peppermint, lemongrass, rosehips, hibiscus, etc.


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  2. I'm excited to try this. I drink a lot of coffee. My wife just recently got me hooked on using creamer in it, normally I'm a strait black coffee kind of guy. I like peppermint for the tea and it could be good for hot cocoa too (made with real 100% cocoa + sweetner). Not sure I like the idea of honey/lemon creamer, maybe if it was more of just a flavoring and didnt have the creamy consistancy.

  3. Looks like I'll be taking advantage of my unlimited coffee supply

  4. What if the tea version used a hydrolyzed protein that dissolves in water. Therefore it would still be clear and not creamy. I'm really excited as I drink a lot of bulk tea and decaf coffee.


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