For those new to Slin Sane, or Genomyx in general...

  1. Arrow For those new to Slin Sane, or Genomyx in general...

    Hey everyone

    I just noticed there hasn't been much activity on the dedicated Genomyx sub-forum lately, which if of course for good reason (all the positive reviews and ecstatic customers are relaying their experiences in the supplements and supplement log sections) so I thought I would invite everyone to my Summer Recomp log here: Outstanding's Summer/Fall ALPHA(T2)MALE (sl)INSANE RECOMP(adrol)!

    Its slowly developing into a full fledged journal, including everything from ups-and-downs, to getting through barriers, to realizing the optimal dosages and timing regarding Slin Sane and other very useful and familiar compounds. There has been a great amount of activity and contributions by fellow members there, and I would love to have you subscribe and follow along, asking any questions you can think of.

    The profound and proliferative effects GDAs and Partitioners have had in my athletic endeavors cannot be overstated. You can ask any product specific questions here, where I or another esteemed and experienced rep-member of Genomyx will chime in, or you can swing over to my personal journal, where Ill also be extending my Summer Recomp, and turning it into an all out PCT and Beyond chronicle! Outstanding's Summer/Fall ALPHA(T2)MALE (sl)INSANE RECOMP(adrol)!



  2. Good Idea man, Im coming over right now.



  3. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    Good Idea man, Im coming over right now.
    Awesome, it worked

    Thanks a lot for swinging by, I saw you just made a post. This is turning out to be a not-so-bad Sunday, even though I can't train due to my mega-long shift at work. I wouldn't mind seeing Avatar 3D since it was just re-released.

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