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  1. Keep it up man. Get that shiz!!!


  2. Hang in there bro. Your going to unleash hell on contest day.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    Keep it up man. Get that shiz!!!
    Thanks for the ongoing support Johny! Almost there bro...the worse is over now!

  4. Man, Im psyched to see how you make out man. Youve been doing real good.


  5. Quote Originally Posted by GENOMYX View Post
    Hang in there bro. Your going to unleash hell on contest day.
    I believe the worse is over now my friend! i started to feel better today...i will do my best to represent the GENOMYX TEAM!!!

    I am very satisfied because i have achieved my best conditioning to date..i was able to beat my last years conditioning and look better with improved simmetry i believe. If everything goes well with my final week protocol its gonna be perfect. This year i am changing a few little things and that is making me a little nervous but hopefully everything will workout just fine.

    Last year i tried to cut my sodium intake (during my whole prep) to low levels for an athlete i would say (1.5-2g) but that made me feel pretty bad somedays...this year i increased my sodium to around 2.5-3g and i felt better...but because of that i had to change a few little things for the last week....anyways nothing that i can do right now will take away all the hard work and the conditioning that i have achieved but i am a perfectionist and i want to look at my absolute best.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    Man, Im psyched to see how you make out man. Youve been doing real good.
    Thanks johny...hopefuly i wont get crushed by those freaks!

  7. After having my first carb up day yesterday and only doing cardio i am starting to feel like a normal human being again LOL!...i feel refreshed and with more energy...and not like a the walking zombie from the snicker's tv commercial LOL!....The magic of carbs! I hope to keep my energy levels high so i can keep practicing my posing...yesterday i tried to pose but i felt so week that i had to stop miserably after a few poses.

    Today i have scheduled HIIT again training

  8. Well After doing only cardio during the weekend and having more carbs in my system made a great difference today..I am feeling good and ready to resume my training today!! I will be training all the way up to the show so lets do it....Today is my highest carb day of the week (350g) so i will try to enjoy my foods as much as i can!!....I went to the store last night just to buy a few things that i want to eat today including strawberries, Popcorn, Blueberries, high fiber Tortillas, Caramel Rice Cakes....OHh i am so ready!...

  9. Yesterday was my last Leg Workout of the week...Now after beating the hell out of them its time to let them rest for the rest of the week.! Feels so good...i love to train legs but once you punish you lower body the way i have been (2x workouts/week + 2 Hiits + 60-80min of cardio/day) the fun part about it is gone and becomes a a heavy weight difficult to carry. Just to give u an idea...sometimes my wife helps me to walk up the stairs fecause my legs feel soooo tired!....And this bring me to another subject....the myth that says that you cant do cardio with legs because you are going to lose muscle!!! that is just pure Bull#$#T. Trust me!

    I try to keep my leg workout short yesterday to avoid too much muscle dammage and legs need to be ready and fresh this saturday. However i think i did a little more than what i was supposed to...

    Leg Presses

    4 pl/side x 20
    5 pl/side x 15
    6 pl/side x 10
    7 pl/side x 10
    8 pl/side x 10
    9 pl/side x 10
    10 pl/side x 10
    10 pl/side x 10
    10 pl/side x 10

    Leg Extensions
    205 x 10
    205 x 10
    205 x 10

    Lying Leg Curls
    200 x 10
    200 x 10
    200 x 10

    Seated Leg Curls
    205 x 10
    205 x 10
    205 x10

    Addution Machine
    190 x 12
    192 x 12
    190 x 12

    Cardio - 40 minutes

  10. Nice bro. Thank you so much for allowing us to follow along as you get prepared to dominate. This log should be motivation to anyone that reads it.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by GENOMYX View Post
    Nice bro. Thank you so much for allowing us to follow along as you get prepared to dominate. This log should be motivation to anyone that reads it.
    Thanks bro! i really appreciate the ongoing support! GO GENOMYX!!!!

  12. Time has come once again! I am flying tomorrow morning to get there early and be ready for all the things that i have to do including my tanning, the Athlete's meetings, Testing (polygraph + Urine) the weight ins, prepare my meals for satuday etc.

    Today is going to be a very very busy day...i need to make sure i dont forget anything like my posing trunks LOL! I will be training chest/delts/tris today, packing all my stuff including my foods,food scale, Music Cd's..i also need to make sure i eat all my scheduled meals for today, drink my 2 galls of water, practice my posing a little bit, etc etc...its gonna be a long day.

    I will be back sunday night and i will try to post an update with my experiences monday..This is going to be a war!!!!, 19 pros already including a few guys from canada are competing this weekend.

    Finally a few shots from this week
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  13. one more
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by fmoncas View Post
    Time has come once again!...This is going to be a war!!!!, 19 pros already including a few guys from canada are competing this weekend.
    All the best, Francisco! You've done the hard yards; now it's time to show it off (your conditioning makes me ashamed of my own, LOL - I really need to step up on the leanness).

    "Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose." - Rosie Chee

  15. UPDATE: I got back from NYC last night around 12am and i am still dead tired LOL! i need to sleep a lot was an hectic weekend but i will write a short update before i post a full update with pics and videos.

    Well what i can say...i faced 11 pros in my class and everysingle of them was shredded to the bone and i have to admit that it was intimidating to see the level of the leanness and conditioning that is now a must at the pro level. So I prepared for a war! i expected the judges killed us during pre-judging...30 minutes of posing rounds was brutal!!! i ended up exhausted and sore!...but also at the end of the day i ended up wining my class....then i went to face the heavyweight winner Rodney Helaire (2 time-heavyweight World Champ) and a true monster. I knew that this was an almost impossible task but i did my best and finally my conditiining and symmetry was not enough to compete against his massive physique. Overall i am very pleased he deserved the overall win.

    the highlight of the show was not my first place medal but the fact that i met some great athletes (good friends now) but also that i have a great time with my wife in NYC.

    !.....Thanks everyone for all the support on the furums and sorry that i cant reply to all of you individually at the moment...
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  16. Congrats! bro!!

  17. Thats what Im talking about. Team Genomyx representing. Proud of you bro.

  18. All the hard work paid off, Congratulations!

  19. Amazing work man! You should be damn proud of what you accomplished!

  20. Thank you guys! Sorry for the mass reply...i will write my full report today

  21. THURSDAY: 2 Days Out

    I slept just a few hours that night...i packed all my stuff the night before and i woke up really early to drive to the airport with my wife. We arrived in NYC around 11:30 am and took a cab to the Hotel. My first impression from NY was WooW this is a big City with LOTS of People! There were people everywhere...all the streets were packed..i am not used to that here in Texas LOL!

    In the afternoon we went for a long walk and have something to eat...(Well i ate fish + ricecakes at the hotel) I took my wife to this cool restaurant a few blocks from the hotel and she ate a Juicy steak burrito!! mmm...and i got to smell it and watch her eat.
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  22. Congratulations, Francisco!
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    Again i wake up early to attend the meeting and the take the urine test and polygraph test. After an hour i was out and i had the rest of the day to myself so we went out again and walked for like 3 hours....NYC is a beautiful city with so many places to see that 3 hours felt like nothing. For me was a good way to do cardio
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  24. FRIDAY NIGHT: 8hrs Out

    NOW IT WAS TIME TO GET BACK TO BUSINESS!! Contest was just a few hours away and it was time to apply my Tan....First coat before the show to get a good base!...Also it was time to eat my last meal of the day. In addition i practiced my poses one last time for about 15-20 minutes including my posing routine.
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  25. Checking out the conditioning the night before the show! To see if i had to make any adjustments
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    I Woke up at 4:00 am to start the Carb up process! So i slept again just a few hours...however i was so exited about the contest that i felt great and refreshed....around 7 am we letf the hotel and walk to the bus stop to get the bus that will take us to the location of the show...As usual we had some xtra time to stop and eat something (my wife only...i only whatch her eat again!!! LOL a capuchino coffe + Egg homelet + hashbrows + toasted bread with jelly!! the food looked so great but i was going to have my time to pig out a little later that day
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  27. Pre-Judging! Backstage

    After arriving to the show we went backstage to re-touch my tan and apply the final coat....45 mins away from PJ they called us to go the Pump Room and start pumping up....I was feeling the pressure, 11 pros in my class getting ready and pumping backstage! Everybody was focusing on doing their thing...some guys eating last minute high sugar meals to get the energy to endure the storm that was coming other doing countless pushups...
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  28. PreJudging: 30 minutes of Posing Rounds Was Brutal!!!!

    Time to go Onstage and Do what i have been getting ready for the last 20 weeks. As i expected it was nothing short than a War!...I ended up exhausted and sore from flexing and flexing....
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  29. More Pre-Judging......!!! Then it was all over...i was so tired and ready to go back to the hotel to rest for the night show. When i was Backstage i had the chance to meet a couple of friends and were there to show some support...I was especially happy to find out that my friend Clement Yearwood (one of the top lighweights in the world) made it to the show..
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  30. Night Show!.....Time to retouch my tan, pump up and go onstage one more time! First picture top 5 during the awards!!...then top two and waiting for the winner to be announced...
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