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    I was refered X-Mass last year by a friend, I took a few doses, then fell completely off the workout track. I have recently started taking it again, as Ive gained serious sight into becoming bigger and stronger. Im taking 80MG a day of X-mass, im taking 5-6g a day of Ethyl Ester Creatine and im on a Whey protein with Glutamine and other amminos. I have a couple of very serious questions for the more experienced users and veterans here, 1) I am prescribed Xanax for mild/moderate anxiety. Can I still take Xanax and be on X-Mass? What might my side effects be? 2)Can I drink alcohol once a week or so while on this cycle (i.e. X-Mass)?

    All help is much appreciated.

  2. ...........anybody?

  3. keep youre body clean while on a cycle dont drink

    i want to run x mass and epi stack

    its like spawn epi/tren

    dunno what to do for pct though
    any help would be gr8

  4. You can drink but not much, x mass is not as harsh on your liver as other DS. keep it low, i wouldnt drink anything more then a 6 pack.
    i dont know about the xanex.

  5. don't binge and drink water... especially before you go to sleep. 2 gallons a day is a good starting point.

  6. Xanax is very toxic to the liver along with orals. So your liver is gonna take more of a beating so I would increase milk thistle and drink more water. You could probably drink a little bit and be fine, but don't get wasted...you'll get sick and lose lots of weight and you'll end up wasting a day to recover

    But as far as being worried about a medical reaction, don't worry about it. Xanax is a benzo that effects the central nervous system. X-mass won't interfere or cause a bad reaction with it

  7. X-Mass is a progestin, which is very light on liver and lipids than other methyl orals out there.

    I would strongly recommened that you do NOT drink at all while on cycle or PCT. Nevermind that is not advised by the Doc while taking Xanax, I'm sure.

    This may require some more discipline, but that is simply part of the sacrifice of doing this and keeping your lifestyle in check to achive your goals. That is, if you are serious about them and your overall health.


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