X-Mass Q's - Sides

  1. X-Mass Q's - Sides

    Recently, I had the good fortune of coming across 4 bottles of the 13-ethyl version. Plan on running it at 120mg/day for 6 weeks. A few questions:

    - I see it's not 17 alpha alkylated, so assuming not a liver hitter. Some liver stress though, will be present with all orals. Any idea how much it raises AST/ALT, alkylyn phosphates or bilrubin?

    - The major concern I have is blood lipids. I usually have exceptional HDL #'s due to ephedra use/great conditioning. LDL's aren't bad either. How bad does X-mass hit lipids? Any blood work/concensus?

    - Concerning lipids, I always maintain excellent anti-oxidant status as i know oxidized cholesterol (not just high LDL) is the most dangerous. 100 grams of cold processed whey (proven to boost glutathione), 3 grams of fish oil, 3 grams of Vitamin C, 600 i.u. of vitamin E, lots of zeanthins, high dose multi and ZMA to round out mineral intake at night.

    I am considering beefing up my anti-LDL nutrients with additional Lecithin. I also have on hand Sabinsa 70% fenusterols (extract of fenugreek) and am planning on taking 6 caps of that a day alongside the X-mass.

    I'm no rookie. Have run lots of PH like compounds in the past but very infrequently (1 or 2x/year). I'd like to see how X-mass stacks up but want to approach it intelligently and with some thought.


  2. X-Mass was very mild for me, and I love it..At the dose you will run it, expect gains in size and strength. Everybody reacts differently though and those medical questions will be best answered by a doctor..

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