X mass PCT

  1. X mass PCT

    Hello all. I am ready to do an x mass only cycle. This will be my first PH cycle. I have ran some ethanate and deca cycle's in the past, but never any PH. I have some PCT assist by competive edge labs, but it is not what i thought it was. What do u guys recommend i take with it or after it? Thanks.

  2. Would LG formadrol be good enough to use after for PCT? And ill use the PCT assist while on?

  3. I have not used X-Mass, but have used Xtreme Tren a few times (same compound as X-Mass). My PCT included Post Cycle Support, P5P, and on my last one I added I3C.

    I've read some logs of people sensitive to prolactin issues so the P5P is used during and post cycle. I've never experienced prolactin issues, but decided to use P5P during and post cycle as a preventive measure.

  4. Check my log of XMAss in my sig. I used Nolva, T-911, and PCT assist and recovered remarkably.

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