half empty cissus-drol caps????

  1. half empty cissus-drol caps????

    basically i ordered two bottles of c-drol to run along side my pct and beyond. first bottle i noticed quite a few caps only being half full but i ignored it thinking i was just unlucky and had a bad batch but now i'm half way through the second bottle and more and more caps keep turning up with only half the content.

    can anyone please explain to my where my lovely cissus-drol has gone??

    has anyone else noticed this?

    have a tub of x-mass to start in august, should i be worried that these won't be the full 40mg as well?

    not having a dig at Generic Labz at all, their products are great! i just feel a little let down.

  2. nice to see noone gives a t0ss, especially generic labz people. fills me with confidence

  3. Well, I cant speak for GL, but I will tell you that they dont have eight hundred reps posting on this board like some companies, so I believe there are only a couple of GL guys who would read this and could give you an answer, or help you, but 1 day might not be enough time to actually catch one of them or for one of them to come here and read and reply to your post. Just a thought.

    EDIT: also you can try going to the gl website and using the contact email

    or you could try sending a pm to the head man here:

    PHF Rep

  4. cheers RoadBlocK. i have tried emailing through the GL site but my emails are just bounced right back at me. It has become quite frustrating. Would have thought that the reps would be checking their section regularly. I know that some companies reps are like flies round sh1t, you can't talk about their products without one of them jumping in.

    thanks again for your reply

  5. Yeah, I experienced this too.

    My Cissus-Drol was only 87caps (not 90caps) and some of them being only half full.

    I think mine was first batch, expiration date was march 2009.



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