GENERIC LABZ x-mass,cissus-drol,epithin-e,bcaa-ee 30 day (sponsored)

  1. GENERIC LABZ x-mass,cissus-drol,epithin-e,bcaa-ee 30 day (sponsored)

    Let Me first start by thanking GENERIC LABZ for letting me test their products THANK YOU!! Im looking to make some great lean gains on this cycle.

    Height 5'9
    bf%: ?
    lifting experience:16 years
    PH cycles : IDS stack masstabs & suston 250 about 2 years ago
    supplements: Multivits,oils,glutamine,gluco samine,zma,white flood,volumaize, Pro complex will also be used over the next 30 days.

    Cycle dosage
    X-mass-1 pill 3 times a day
    Cissus-Drol-1 pill 3 times a day
    Epithin-E-1 pill 3 times a day
    bcaa-ee-2 pills 3 times a day

    This will allow all tabs to be used within the 30 days and will be taken in the am noon and at night. About 6 hours apart I have found that is what works best for me.

    Workout will consist of
    Monday: Chest-tris
    Wed: OFF
    Thurday: OFF
    Cardio will be up in the air if it happens it will consist of 30-45 mins of walking on the treadmill.

    Diet will be clean for the most part basic egg white, steak,tuna, brown rice, greens, fruits. The amounts will to be determined per the cycle I looking to eat a lot as usual. Im sure there will be a cheat day on the weekends.

    Cycle will start tomorrow and I will update this log every few days along with pix this weekend.

  2. Started yesterday obviously nothing yet but I did have night sweats last night?

  3. Workouts are going well so far. Not feeling to much yet. Has anyone else had a problem with night sweats while taking any of these products? Any suggestions ??

  4. A couple of things, Im no doc, but the sweats could be a direct result of your body going through some hormonal changes due to the combination your taking. Also, Im not sure if you might want to post this log over in the section of the board for logging stuff-

    You may get more attention, and possible help or suggestions over there, since alot of people read the logs more than the company pages. Just trying to be helpful, looking forward to seeing your results on this stack.
    PHF Rep

  5. Ok guys I moved this over to the review/logs section

    It wont let me put the link I dont have enough posts same title though



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