Hey guys,im just about to finish a cycle of X-MASS and PRO-TEST,great results buy the way,i want to start my PCT this week and im tossing between cissus-drol and activate xtreme together or cissus drol and powerfull..will any of this work or any other opinions please welcome

  2. I believe X-MASS is non-methylated and doesn't aromatize easily. PRO-TEST is methylated though, right? I've never used cissus-drol for an AI but from what I've read I'm not entirely sure it is sufficient by itself. If I were you, I'd by some research chemical called nolvadex (30/20/20/10), get yourself some sustain alpha (5-7 pumps for weeks 1-4 or 5 of PCT), activate xtreme is good for weeks 2-6. That'd be my plan but I'm real cautious about restarting my HPTA and I always run a stringent PCT.

    I'm obligated to say - you should have set up PCT before starting the cycle. You shouldn't be picking it up the week you want to start - but I'm sure you know that.

  3. How long have you been on-cycle and at what dosage?

  4. thats my 4th week X-MASS(1x3 caps a day) PRO-TEST(10mg x 2 weeks 20mg x2weeks) the only problem is im from australia and a lot of products that i love to use they are illegal here (****ing bull****)

  5. well not to sound like a jerk but next time have all PCT products on hand B4 you start your cycle

    I would say either use a SERM or if that is not an option got OTC

    liver care product of choice
    ATD 3 2 2 1 ( caps ed )
    HyperTest naty test booster
    a cortisol control startin on day 15
    and add a good creatine in if you want to stay nice an full
    Team Orbit

  6. thats a great help,hows jungle warfare with a good test booster and size on sounds?


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