1. X-Mass?

    Any more reviews on X-mass? I thought alot more people were given the sponsored testing. If ya need another reliable tester let me know.

  2. I bought two bottles thinking it was the original. I ended up running 120mgs a day 160 on training days for 8 weeks. Gained 10lbs. strength up average 30lbs on compound lifts, bench,ect. Sides were bad lethargy the last 3 weeks. I have been training for 20 years and have tried just about every ph/ps under the sun and this is a pretty good compound especially for a non-methyl.

  3. I see I see, thanks for the response. Damn though, 8 weeks is a long time! But I guess when you've trained 20 years 10lbs ain't bad at all. Just lethargy? No shutdown?

  4. X-mass has been great for me. It works so there is no need to buy any other Tren clones.
    It's hard to concentrate when I can hear your thoughts.

  5. my x-mass experience has been very good thus far. Check out my log when you have a moment (though, it is pretty new).



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