x mass first cycle

  1. x mass first cycle

    starting my log a little late. i am 27 5'11" starting weight 186 12% bf. This is my first cycle and i have been lifting for 3 years and the last 2 have been serious and training hard. I am 1 week and 4 days in to my cycle and feel great. the first week was 80 mg and this week i bumped it up to 120 and will do the next 2 at 120 also. the only sides i have noticed was slight headache every now and again. today i felt great, think it might be kicking in a little due to serious pump in my fore arms and slight back pumps. felt great today very happy ad motivated not sure if it was a great day or what. felt strong and did not get winded easily in the gym today. did chest and tris today and will be doing back and bis tomorrow. pct is all ready to go if anyone wants to chime in please feel free.

  2. workout was good today my cardio lagged a little. did shoulders and abs today military db press was up 10 lbs and had some serious shoulder pumps which i have never felt before. so far so good low sides and feeling great.

  3. Looking forward to your log stout1out!

  4. Better late than neva!

    BTW bud I was looking at the thread x mass pct help

    What did you end up with for PCT

  5. Enjoy!!

    I'm about 1 week in at 120mg with the new X-Mass..

    gaining pounds quite easily, with minimal caloric surplus.

  6. i have the original xmass whats the diff? slight change in formula?

  7. heyguys thanks for he replys and sorry about the log falling apart. My computer crashed and finally bought a new lap top. well yesterday was the last day of my cycle and today is the first day of pct. i have put on 12 lbs in 4 and a half weeks with x mass did not retain a bunch of water like others have noted. i had really no sides except libido loss the last week. its still there and all just hard to get in the mood ya know. great first cycle and very happy with the gains wish i had done some before and after pics. been busting my ass in the gym and feel great. had no bp issues, back pumps or anything. just some solid fore arm pumps that got a little vicious sometimes. very happy i chose this compound for my first cycle and deff see a stack with x mass epi in the future probably after summer. i am using clomid, fenugreek, and stoked for pct.

  8. Good to hear the positive feedback. Any gyno/nip sensitivity or hair thinning?

    I would suggest adding a coristol controller (AX retain2) and incresing your cals a little (3-400/ed) to help keep the lbs over PCT weeks.

  9. thanks for your help i will deff be adding a court blocker. no gyno or nip sensitivity at all was very nervous about that as well since it was my first cycle i was not sure how my body was going to react to the compound but everything was great. also no hair thinning at all either. i did take vitex and b 6 during cycle to help with prolactain issues just to be on the safe side. so all in all i was very stoked. started taking jacked yesterday 2 and wow that is the most impressive pre workout supp i have ever taken.

  10. ^^Very glad to hear.

    Yes, jacked is pretty damn good. I have been taking it for two weeks now, and it seems that you have to time the dosage just right. I will take 2 scoops 1.75hrs before one day, 1hr the next and have completly different results. I am going to bump it up to 3 scoops today for chest/tri's, just to see what happens. lol You tried 3 scoops yet?

  11. no i did 2 for the first time and that was 45 min before my workout. i hit 15 min cardio and then started lifting. about 15 min after cardio it really kicked in and i loved every minute of it. not sure if it was in my head or not but my shoulders had a painfull pump by the end of my routine. do you get a decent pump with jacked or was it the placibo effect.


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