Feedback on Cissus-Drol, BCAA-EE, Stim'd Out and Epithin-E

  1. Feedback on Cissus-Drol, BCAA-EE, Stim'd Out and Epithin-E

    We all know the old products were great, but how about some feedback on these newer ones..

    Epithin-E speaks for itself, but Stim'd Out, especially with a product like geranium is awesome for clean energy, mood enhancement, and weight loss.

    Cissus-Drol is great for lean muscle mass and shredding bodyfat, and the BCAA-EE is probably one of the best on the market in terms of price and quality..

  2. cissus-drol is gods gift to supplements, i take 3 caps before bed and the results are unreal def one of the best supps ive ever tried a lot of **** doesnt deliver this does.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and we are glad you are enjoying the benefits of GL products:bb3:

  4. I just picked up some stimed out for the start of school I will let you know how that goes as well. Are you guys planning any new additions soon?

  5. I know a lot of guys are using GL products, so let's get some more feedback boys!!!!!:bb3:

  6. I tested both and was very happy with each. I'm thinking it's time for some more Cissus-Drol!

  7. Ok ive been using GL products for a while now..
    Cissus-drol in my opinion is the best natural anabolic, ive had great results with 6 caps a day for muscle growth, and 3 caps for fat loss and muscle hardening, plus i always have more energy while im using it.

    Stimd-out Was ok for me, it did help get me focused and more energised after a hard days work, or before a big session in the gym. Helps keep me focused through PCT though, and thats got to be a bonus.


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