How to use EVO the easy way

  1. How to use EVO the easy way

    EVO is so simple and it is cheap ... way cheaper then WU.

    10 steps in using evocash I couldn't sleep Feel free to add anything else.

    1) Go to

    2) click on NEW ACOUNT

    3) Scroll down and click on "I accept"

    4) Type in all need info. This does NOT have to be real your info IF you are just transfering money out to another account. You WILL need to use a real email address.

    5) You will get a email with your account number and letting you know it is now open. Go to the website and log in.

    6) On the left hand side, click on " FUND YOUR ACCOUNT"
    a) bank wire- easy to do- allow up to 5 days to credit account usally with in 24 hours
    b) cashiers checks or money orders-cheepest way- will credit account with in 24 hours
    c) western union & moneygram-will credit account with in 24 hours
    d) credit cards- go to There is a extra fee and a paper trail

    NOTE: for "a" and "b" you will need to print the form, like it says to.

    7) Pick how you want to fund your account. FUND IT!!! If sending payment through the mail USE A TRACKING SERVICE, fed-ex, ups, usps express

    8 ) 24 hours after they receive your fund. Log in to your account to check on funds.

    9) Transfer money: On the left side click on "TRANSFER FUNDS" Then just do what it says.

    10) This whole process takes less then 5 minutes to set up. When transfering money it takes less then 2 minutes and you never have to leave your house!!! No more high fees!! Everybody stays safe

    On a final note... I have funded mine by using Money orders and sending them by USPS priority mail and it has taken no longer then 5 days to have the money in the account and ready for transfer.. and they are there to accept mail and credit your account on sat as well. Think about this... a MO is $1 each upto $300 and to send it Priority mail with track# is $4.30 ... NOW ..... whats cheaper ?????

    Trust me it is easy easy easy .....

  2. Thanks Bell... some of not so bright ones (me) need help with that..

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