Big day for me tomorrow..

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  1. Big day for me tomorrow..

    Most of you don't know but I have been having some problems with my back.. I have a degreative disc and here in the last month it has been causing my right leg to go numb after standing for about 5 to 10 minutes.. makes my job a bit of hell because I can't walk around without looking like the hunchback of ND.. anyway tomorrow I am having an epideral done to inject a steriod into the disc that has slightly bulged to see if that will return me back to semi normal state.. So with that said.. I might not be around for the next couple of days.. I will have to see how I can stand sitting down.. Just thought some of you might want to know.. and I will keep you posted for those of you that might have do have this done in the future. .and I hope that it will be NONE of you.. trust me it hurts like a bitch..

  2. Best of luck.

  3. Hey, brother!!

    Things will be better real soon! Hope this helps out, and we'll be here whenever you're back.. You know I can't just leave..

  4. Best of luck bro.

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  5. Good Luck Matthew, speedy recovery my brotha.

    Back problems are the worst.

    Just curious Matt, is it a "one visit" treatment, or is there a schedule of injections?


  6. Hoping it is the one visit but the door has been left open for two more.. just hope I don't need them...

  7. Good luck Matt, hope you are back to 100% ASAP with no complications

  8. Matt, a bulging disk is a chiropractor's bread and butter. I had one pulled right in place by a chiropractor in just one visit over 15 ears ago. Walked around with back pain for over 6 mths—one visit later, it was gone.

  9. Best of luck Matt. I hear those things are pretty painfull. Take the time to heal properly and come back stronger.

  10. JB,
    Tried the Chiropractor.. he has really worked on it but it is one that is too small of a bugle to for him to be effective on.. hence the shot in the back.. I know I wish he could have fixed it also..

  11. Wish you the best of luck and a healthy, speedy recovery. I'm sureyou'll be back at it in no time.


  12. good luck mattd...hope everything goes well. i just had surgery to repair a torn bicep...and have some extra pain meds left..heh..

    seroiusly, hope this fixes you up soon...

  13. I am back from the prodecure and so far I am feeling pretty good.. still think the narc that they injected with the steriod is kicking.. have house duty today and back at it tomorrow..

  14. Welcome back!

  15. sounds good so far! hope it keeps up and they dont have to do any more injections.
  16. PC1
    PC1's Avatar

    Hey, just stumbled onto this thread Matt, but God bless you, and best of luck with your back.

  17. Thanks everyone.. back is somewhat better.. just going to have to wait on this to see if it is all I am going to have to do... still training but working around the things that bother the back..

  18. good to here man. don't push it to hard though, i'm sure the doc filled you in on that. nothing worse than reinjuring an old injury mid way through rehab, and having to start all over again.
    what a mind [email protected]#% that is!

  19. Good luck with your back.

    I had the same procedure done in 12/99. 1 herniated disk and another one that was on it's way.

    Sucked having to stand....

  20. I know about the standing part..
    Update.. apparently it did not take and I am off to the doctor again tomorrow..

  21. That sucks man, so what did the doc tell you?

  22. Damn, so what is your next option Matt?

  23. That I don't know.. I will find out tomorrow.. I was told when I got this epidural done that I could have up to 6 in a year.. but right now I would just take not hurting..

  24. Damm, that sucks Matt. Stay strong bro, think positive.

  25. Hey Matt: How RU feeling? Hope the good Doc could help. Did you have it done again? Best wishes. I've never had back troubles, so I consider myself lucky. Looking forward to seeing your post soon.


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