First pic from Friday the 13th Remake

  1. First pic from Friday the 13th Remake

    BD Horror News - GIANT High Quality Look at Jason Voorhees!!

    I guess the remake will be an entire re-imagining of the entire series, and will retell the origins, show a new origin of the mask, and transcend several years. I hope they do this right and actually make it scary for once, as much as I love the series Friday the 13th is such a joke it has relied on self-parody for the last 6-7 entries..

  2. who will direct it? rob zombie

  3. Hooray for reading!

    The pic directed by Marcus Nispel is the retelling of the original Friday the 13th about teenaged summer camp counselors that are systematically slaughtered by a mysterious killer.
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  4. Same team that remade Texas Chainsaw and Amityville, they are also signed for Nightmare on Elm Street I think. I loved the TCM remake so I have high hopes for this one, cant be worse than Friday 8

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