I'm going insane!!!!

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    I'm going insane!!!!

    Ok, i knew boldenone would increase my appetite, but this is fooking crazy. Ive gained over 5lbs today from eating, i kid you not. Damnit, ive at over $8 worth of yogurt and rice pudding in between meals. I really am going crazy. It's like as soon as i get full from one meal, im starving for the next...is it gonna be like this for next 7 weeks???? If so, i feel sorry for my momma at thanksgiving....agh, Imma go broke...im even eating right now, and I still feel freaking hungry.

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    Welcome the wonderful world of EQ... don't you just love it.... you might want to invest in a Sam's Club or other discount price club membership.. also using coupons does help.. and looking for sales on meat and other staples..
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    I wasn't as bad as you but the 1,4ad increased my appetite big time. I've been eating so much I got tired of food, but still putting it down.

    Listen to Matt and get a Sams club card, buy wholesale save cash. Hey I just realized why I'm broke all the time . I shop at two grocery stores. One has cheaper meats/ fruits/ veggies. The other I get everything else. Beleive me I stretch every red cent!

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