Interesting read.

  1. Interesting read.

    Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife’s Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There?

    Maybe this will spark a debate about how much security is too much security from terrorism, etc.

  2. How's this- there's no such thing as true security from terrorism. There will always be ways depending on the tenacity, cunning, and sacrificial attitude of the terrorist(s) for vile deeds to be committed on a civil population. The real question becomes- how much "security"(read: removal of individual freedom/liberties) do people want, rather than the level at which others decide for us. Since security negatively correlates with freedom, it's an interesting question indeed, but when your pregnant wife is allowed to be humiliated in such a manner something is obviously wrong, though it is not necessarily an indictment of the system so much as the individual in this case. The screenings, though, are not random in any way shape or form. I watched closely during a recent flight, and the metal monitor frames you walk under are not even on half the time. They are operated by switch from the attendant security individual, as are the batons they "frisk" you with. I had no metal on my person, no carryon luggage of any kind, no jacket etc, and when I stepped through with my gym pants and sweatshirt, I saw her depress a handheld button, at which time I was of course led aside and wand frisked. I somehow managed to upset the wand 5 or 6 times (I watched him beep it manually folks, no secret there) and had to take off: my cotton Notre Dame hat, my Nike running shoes, my SOCKS, my sweatshirt, turn down my SWEATPANTS, roll up the LEGS, etc etc. I can see *perhaps* where they would be suspicious of me. I am not the nicest looking person, and I suppose I don't look particularly harmless. Nor was I in a good mood that day. But who is when traveling? A pregnant woman for Christs sake? Though not indicative of a complete government corruption of our freedoms so much as a sicko getting his jollies, it is not a good happening by any means.

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