How thick is to thick?

  1. How thick is to thick?

    Based on some recent comments made in another thread about a girl being "too" thick I decided to pose the question of what people here think is just to much. For me this [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia] is pretty damn close to perfection but I realize a lot of people would deem this to much. I also wonder if preference has anything to do with ethnicity I'm italian and most girls that I point out to my friends typically say thats unattractive to them whereas the girls they seem to be attracted to have a pancake where their ass should be.

  2. no such thing in my book, as long as it's shapely and reasonably firm.

  3. I don't like pancake asses, but I don't like big thick ones either. I nice little round ass is nice. If they're asian it's that much better.

  4. Allison Stokke is too thick.

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