Ease back, 'cause HE'S BACK!!

  1. Talking Ease back, 'cause HE'S BACK!!

    It has been a rough time, but of course you can only do two things about it:

    Run from the issues at hand

    Stand and take it, firing back with all you have..

    I decided to stand and fight, I made it thru afew turns of fate in my life that I don't wish on anyone.. I lost my grandmother at the young age of 89 years, she never did like to be considered old.. I was close to her, practially raised by the woman as was many of my cousins.. Anyone who met her was considered part of the family, then again, it was one of her many Italian qualities besides her phenomonal cooking.. After her passing, I almost gave up, I began to drink and I was already losing alot of the solid muscle I was known to aquire over the past 11 years I've been beating myself senseless in gyms all over the city.. Rock bottom it was, I blamed myself for not being better, for not being a good father, for not being the best grandson..

    Time to stand and fight! I plan to rebuild what I've lost, my doctor believes that the stress I went thru and my loss of a healthy lifestyle is the real problem, on top of my present issues with my natural androgens.. It appears that I may not be on stage this coming summer of 2003, so I can concentrate on the weakpoints, and bring out a more solid package than I used to grab the 3rd place as the only natural athlete at this past September's NPC show in New Hampshire... I'm not saying I'll be a light-skinned Ronnie Coleman in 3 weeks, but I will do my damn best to get through, and to once again be "the man to go to", not that I would ever claim I was all that to begin with..

    I just want to thank all of those with their kind words during my hour of darkness, those of you I've had the pleasure of meeting offline I plan to do so again in the near future.. If things go well enough, maybe I'll oil up for another pose-down next September! You guys are the real inspiration, because without the one's who say "It can't be done!", I try to be the one who says, "It can be done, watch me!".. It's that time I did that more often, so I can show those who can't that they really can...

    Peter Michael


  2. He's Baaaaack!

    Trials and Tribulations Pete and you've kicked their asses. I know Jake and I have been waiting on your return as has everyone here (trust me, I got the e-mails and PMs).

    You're everyone's best friend here. You and Jake are like real life best friends to me man and the things you just listed to all happen to you at once is terrible in a way, but then again the way you've bounced back is inspirational.

    You've done a wonderful job on this board and BB.com man, I still believe you're the most popular man on the internet

    Cant I get a Ow ow !

    PS- Dont expect this type of emotional behavior from the bee to often, Pete's a good friend......the rest of you will continue to be flamed

  3. Pete,

    I haven't got to know you that well but I am going to be right next to YJ in the cheering section when it comes to someone making a turnaround. So anything I can do to help I am there bro, all you got to do is ask.

    Matt D

  4. Much love and respect Pete. As YJ said, your presence was sorely missed by us and many more as well. One day at a time brother. Hit it hard and have fun. Can't wait to see the newly transformed BigPeteFox!!!

  5. times get rough man u gotta dig in and fight harder,believe me i know what ur going through ..from my own mistakes to loss(this time of year is extremely rough for me lost a lot of people and innocence around this time) 2 car wrecks(neither my fault)..believe me i can relate man..dont know ya very well but got ya back

  6. Out-****ing-standing!!!!!  Pete, here's some motivational rhymes for ya


    The man is back

    here comes his attack.

    Are you ready for it?

    I might be scared just a bit.

    I dont know what to say...

    all I know is he's coming our way.

    Oh boy, I am startin' to feel the heat....

    I can see him now...It looks like BigPete!!!!


    Welcome back bro...May you succeed where others have failed.





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  7. Good luck and god bless

  8. Welcome back Pete, it's good to see ya again. We're all here for ya bro.

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  9. KUDOS on your strong resilience to such an adversity.

    We're all here rooting for you, Pete.

  10. Bring it on!

  11. Welcome back bro. Stay strong and keep going hard. You can do it man. We are here for you if you need anything man. Holla if you hear me.

  12. OW OW.................Welcome back Pete!!!! Sorry for your loss................Time to kick some ass in the gym. We are here for you.



  13. welcome back bro. i am glad you are takeing the bull by the horns and stuffing him. u were sorely missed bro.i am glad u are back.

  14. Oh ****! Pete's also a member here?!?! Nice!

  15. Originally posted by LethalGunz34
    Oh ****! Pete's also a member here?!?! Nice!
    Been a member for awhile, about time you got here..

  16. Lifes a fight sometimes Pete, i am always fighting against something, its a struggle being me, but someone had to do it<img src=http://jeeptalk.org/crack/smilies/contrib/dvv/po.gif>, hang in there you'll be fine, chin up

  17. Hey Petey!

    If life where easy would it be worth living??!?! Im glad to hear that you are doing alright brotha! Keep you goal in sight and do your best to try and reach that everyday!



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