crazy day today

  1. crazy day today

    to make it a short story. There was this male on base today walking around with a rifle in his hands going through base housing. O and the best part he wasnt caught. krzy huh the whole military base was on lock down for 4 hrs straight. Noone could leave the buildings or anything.

  2. where were the snipers man?


  3. they had 2 choppers in the air witht he swat team for the base but i guess he disapeared. they believe its a active duty member who lives on base that just hid somewhere.

  4. Was it that guy with two arms and a face again? He is always doing things everywhere...

  5. lol that was basically a description of him. They said look for a guy with a hate hat with a uniform. Thats like half the people on base. lol



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