Bicep Injury

  1. Bicep Injury

    Just curious what I may have done. During the summer a few of us bowl in a league on tuesdays and last night I did something to my bicep. I felt a sharp pain and sat out the rest of the night. There is no sign of bruising. Putting weight on it creates a soreness/pain. I can make a bicep muscle but it is somewhat painful. If I put pressure on various parts of the muscle it seems there is just one extremely sore spot kinda dead center on the interior side of my bicep. Right where the bicep peaks. Do you think I just pulled a muscle a bit and will heal itself? All other function of my arm is fine. Feels like a bad bruise inside the muscle with no apparent signs of bruising.

  2. And on a side note, I experience some soreness when I stretch out my arm, but it resides once the mucscle has been stretched out.

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