Air Force National Guard?

  1. Air Force National Guard?

    Waz up fellas, I'm 27 and in insurance (underwriter) and I've been at the same job for over 3 years now. I graduated with a Risk Management and Insurance degree, but we've now had 2 sets of lay-offs at the company I work for and things appear to only being getting worse in this economy. I just got married so unemployment is not an option, not like it would be if I wasnt married. I've always thought about going into the Air Force as an officer and always had a want to serve my country some way. I backed out of going into the Air Force active duty earlier, right out of college, since I had just spent many years in school and lots of $ on loans for an education I figured I should put to use.

    I'm interested in the Air National Guard but most of my family and friends would rather I not go into the military, for all the right reasons, not that I shouldnt serve my country or anything. Just wanted to get some military bros opinions on going this route. My chances are supposed to be much less for getting shipped over seas which is nice, but I understand once I sign on with any branch of the military, my *** belongs to them. Kind of worried that my current job would give me the heave-ho if I expressed interest in the Air Guard but I've heard by law they have to keep my position. Any thoughts...

  2. Well to the you know most of the Guard are deploying with the active duty members. Also if depends what job you get in the air force.

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