new (dutch) member

  1. Talking new (dutch) member

    Hello all y'all,

    as a new member i Just wanted to make my first post on the AM forum, and say hello to all the peepz here..

    i'm packing pounds as we speak since i put myself on a high carb / high protein diet and a heavy workout-routine combined with krav-maga : a very effective Isreali self defense system,something i recently started doing and really like.

    i know 4 sure i'm gonna pick up a thing or 2 here..

    thats it for now, Peace Out..


  2. Welcome aboard. You look like a dude from the Matrix.

  3. welcome roca

  4. For some odd reason, when I read the title of the thread, "new (dutch) member," I was expecting a joke about farts.
    Anyway, welcome to Anabolic Minds!

  5. i can understand the matrix thing ALEXANDER,.. 2 b honest, i think of the rpm/drive poster everytime i see sumthing about the matrix...

    but i can't connect the dots with the fart thing iron lungz

  6. "Dutch Oven"
    I was just messing with you, anyways. No harm - Welcome!

  7. welcome!

  8. ooww, dammnn now i get it, thats nasty man!, hahahah nice 2 now im not the only one withe a little bit of a twisted mind

  9. welcome aboard

    shame about your football team being beaten by russia though, they played well up until then.

    they absolutley smashed italy and france in their pool matches though which was awesome to see


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