Decay of 'that other board': Undeniable Proof

  1. Decay of 'that other board': Undeniable Proof

    Won't be using the 18yr old kid's name, but there is a thread in the supp section of good old that goes like this:

    "Hey guys,
    I have been thinking about using a weight gainer cause I need to gain some body fat. I am just bones. I have NOTHING on my body man. I only weigh about 115 pounds and am 5'9 tall. So is the Universal Gain Fast 3100 a good weight gainer? I just wanna get some fat not muscle. Not yet anyways."
    Haven't posted there for awhile, but felt the need after reading that... if it gets to the point where people are logging on there, and no longer trying (ignorantly, admittedly, but trying nonetheless) to even build muscle... well... *nail in the coffin*.****907415

  2. Gain fat and not muscle, huh? I hear the McDonalds weight gainer Big Mac 8000 is great.

  3. You guys are *******s but funny....

    But I cant let ya trash

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