Sorry if I sound pathetic

  1. Sorry if I sound pathetic

    This thread may seem like I'm being a whinny baby or whatever but I need serious advice. I would appreciate anyones help.

    I used to work-out regularly 2 years ago. I was in the best shape of my life physically and mentally. Then life happened and I quit altogether. Nowadays, I still try to eat right and supplement but the only exercise I achieve is through my everyday routines. I've lost a good 15+. I'm not super skinny or anything but being average isn't working for me. Lately, I've found myself wanting to get back into working out. I've been really stressed and I don't know what to do with myself. I even started smoking a little dope here and there in the last 2 months.

    I have a YMCA membership that I've been paying on for months in hope that someday I will go back, but I haven't. I tried for about 3 weeks, 4 times a week but I got really frustrated and quit again. I was sooooo weak. I was lifting MAYBE half of what I used to. My elbow starting really hurting me during a bench press set and that just added to my frustration...I haven't been back since.

    I know when I was working out all the time I felt much better about everything I did. I feel like crap now! I can't even force myself to do a push-up. I don't expect anyone on here to give me a magic cure all for my problem but some advice would help. Maybe you have gone through a similar issue?? Any advice would help. I'm getting older everyday....


  2. Well I stop lifting for a while and lost some weight due to the lack of gym. I just went one day and the next day i would quit. A week later ill do the same. But then for some reason last year in october my friend wanted to go to the gym. So since he needed a partner he ask me and ever since then i been going even though he stop going. I just love it to the fullest now. Hopefully you can find that drive that you had back in the day.

  3. really just to make good gains in general, you have to leave ego in the locker room and forget about it in the gym. what you can lift with good form and no joint pain today is what you can lift with good form and no joint paint today.... You won't see any improvement if you push to much weight and get injured, or don't push any at all. So forget the ego, and i bet within 3 weeks back you'll be seeing significant noticeable progress week to week. it might take a year to get back to where you were, but I don't recall you saying you only have 6 months to live

  4. City - read my pics. thread. I had to stop working out for like 3 years with a bum shoulder. Lost everything. Came back to the gym using girl weights.

    I still use girl weights but I'm a helluva lot bigger.

    Easy is right - leave the damn ego at home, bruh.

  5. i am going through the same thing as i type, buddy. i know what it feels like. the only thing i can tell you is to realize that if you do not try to do it, and do your best when you do try, you will judge yourself and punish yourself continually.

    get in there. if anything, do it because you don't want to judge yourself/punish yourself for it. that's my only motivation right now.

  6. I got into the best shape while i was in south america for 7 months...i quit drinking and quit chewing tobacco all together.. until my fiance left me... fell out of shape...and stopped lifting until i redeployed to iraq.. i dont lift much but i dont care either.. i love how i feel when leaving the gym, i workout alone and ignore all others around me...

    People have to stop worrying about what others think of them, we're so scared of imperfection that we goto drastic lengths to please or impress those around us.

  7. You will find your "groove" with the gym, timing has to be right......good luck

    RIP Ryan, :(

  8. The hardest part about going back is tying your shoes.



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