Need your guys(or gals) input on important subjects

  1. Need your guys(or gals) input on important subjects

    Hello fellow AM'ers,
    Few things I am looking for advice on here. First of all, I am staying at home for summer break. My mom was of course snooping through my ****ing stuff, and happened to stumble upon my rather large collection of PH's/PS/AAS. Peoples misconceptions about these things are vast, and I simply don't know how to make her realize that there are much worse things out there. As a general rule, aas users are the most knowledgable and safe with their drug use. Now given aas isn't the best thing for you, but I could be doing much worse things which I'll get to in a moment. Do you think that it would be beneficial to try and make my mother watch "the truth about steroids" , and read some other info about usage or should I just let it be?

    K now onto my next subject. I used to do a lot of **** I'm not very proud of involving lots of illegal drugs when I was younger, and until actually this last year. Bodybuilding has been a passion of mine since I was 12. I now live a drug free lifestyle ( not even alcohol ) Bodybuilding is #1 to me now, and I don't do drink or do any drugs (besides the occasional mary jane session). The thing is a lot of my friends still do. These are people I have known for a long time but the thing is they all just get so ****ed up all the time I find myself hanging out with them less and less because I don't even want to be around any of that stuff anymore. Is this inevitable? I know the people you surround yourself with can greatly affect your outcome in life, so should I just find new friends? Any advice from people is greatly appreciated I am in a dilemna for sure.

  2. As for your second question, you need to acknowledge which friends are truly 'friends' and which hang out just to 'party'. It is indeed inevitable that you drift from the people you share that with once you stop, but the few that stick around are true friends. Moving onto bigger and better things has it's rewards.

  3. First question. Try to tell your mom to research it and try to show her. I doubt she will so your kinda screwed.

    Second question. If you dont want to be around that anymore then leave and get new friends. As long they keep doing drugs your going to be caught in the middle of it. So just leave and tell them to call you when they get clean, if they ever do.

  4. I doubt your mother is going to hear you out about your steroid usage. She's raised you and figured she has known what's best for you up until now. She may feel somewhat as a failure as a parent. Sure, you use steroids responsibily, but not all people do, which would explain the very common misconceptions that you're speaking off. My mother has known about me using steroids on a few different occasions, but she rolls her eyes, shrugs her shoulders, and we leave it at that. Her and my stepfather has sometimes tried talking to me about not using steroids. Any girls I have dated have gotten furious over the idea. Only a couple of my real close friends know.

    I'm currently on probation and in several different court-mandated programs. It has all done me a lot of good. One rule of probation is to avoid surrounding yourself with people who have been/are on probation, do drugs, drink alcohol, etc. I rarely ever hang out with the friends I used to. Why? Because I wanna be successful on probation and because I don't wanna be surrounded by any of what they do. A lot of them drink every night, do drugs every day (i.e. coke, pop pills, etc.), mistreat women, etc. It really bothers me. I've tried talking to my friends and be open about their horrible habits, but some of them don't give a sh!t. That's fine, though. They'll suffer in the long run. I'm just trying to look out for them because I care. One of my friends was about to be promoted to regional warehouse manager at one place he had been working at for almost 2 years, was always going to work high, and ended up quitting. He spent all of his savings on cocaine! I thought it was really fcuked up.

    If your friends support your choices, hear you out, are honest with you, and actually care, then those are the friends you're gonna wanna keep around. But the friends who don't respect your decisions or show any support, well... clearly aren't true friends.

    Hope things work out for you.

  5. its so natural for friends to meet up and move on. keep only those that are true friends or add value to you life - let the rest go their way, while you go yours!



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