I just made a PR by accident, lol!

  1. I just made a PR by accident, lol!

    Just got back from the gym, and there's nobody else that would care, let alone read this, so I'll post it here, lol.

    It's weird. I'm totally tired and walking at a slow pace everywhere. I want to take a nap right after work but I work on a vfx scene since I need to finish my vfx demo reel done if I ever want to leave the programming world behind (current full-time job). I didn't even eat supper - just a couple of tablespoons of PowerButter and some raw honey squeezed in my mouth, lol.

    Too tired to really work out. I wanted to do some Olympic lifting, but I just don't feel it today. So I decide to do cardio. Crap - what if there are cute girls doing cardio? Ok, I'll do a couple sets of arms downstairs to pump them up, then go upstairs for cardio, lol. Oh, shut up, lol :P

    So I superset 20 reps of curls with overhead tri extensions. Then do another set of bi's, and proceed to walk to the parallel dip place. (Just realized I have no idea what that "unit" is called - it's not a machine - just parallel bars.) Anyways, the first 5 reps feel so heavy - but I tell myself I have to beat my last workout by 1 rep. My last workout was 33 reps...somehow I repped out 40! (just bodyweight -205lbs)

    WTF! LoL Don't get me wrong, I'm quite happy - but of all times to blow past a PR, I have no idea where this came from. I think I was too tired to realize my body was still dipping and slept halfway through, lol.

  2. I was thinking of doing the same thing now, just hitting the gym right now instead of roughly 15 hours from now because I'm not sleepy yet, even though by the time I do my cardio on the way to the gym I might regret it. The thing is, sometimes when I workout when really tired, I workout better for some reason. Same goes for sex, my gf says I'm always better when I'm tired & go for it anyway. I'm more dedicated in the bedroom than I am in the gym, if I have to lose sleep or miss meals for the sake of 'quality time', so be it.

  3. Good - now man up and put a weight belt on

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