MLB and the Gatorade Gestapo

  1. MLB and the Gatorade Gestapo

    I've read a few articles online that state that the 'official' sports drink of the MLB is Gatorade. And, the only beverage players are allowed to drink in the dugout is Gatorade... not even bottled water (even if the label is removed).

    I guess it is just the American way... promoting 14g of sugar per serving as 'what you should drink when you are thirsty'.

  2. It's got's what plants crave.
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  3. Wow - never thought I'd read Gatorade and gestapo in the same sentance.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    It's got's what plants crave.
    Not according to Not Sure.

    I gotta get back to watching Ow my balls.

    After that I'm goin' to Starbucks. For a h*ndj*b.

  5. If it's good enough for the florida gators, then it's good enough for me.

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