The most annoying member award goes to..

  1. Talking The most annoying member award goes to..

    OK guys and girls, I thought that since Ive been getting really frustrated by certain people lately that maybe a vent thread would be a good idea. I figured it would also be a good way to teach the person thats bugging you what not to do any more. (i.e.., Ask the same questions over and over and over again, give bad advise, blatantly lie, get the point)
    Being that I started the thread Ill give you guys the upper hand and nominate myself for the "******* AWARD". But there are still plenty of names that need to be put up for awards. I can name a few but Ill hold back until someone else chimes in.

    Good luck to all participants and may god be with you,


    I know bobo can easily tack a couple names on the wall so this is also in open invite to all mods to give certain individuals the chance to redeem themselves before they really say something stupid and get banned for typeing before thinking.

  2. db I think you are the winner hands down! (=

  3. quit sucking up. and be honest.


  4. db682 wins another trophy!

  5. Originally posted by db682
    quit sucking up. and be honest.



  6. Im an ******* li-ole-li-ole-li-ole-li-ole....

  7. "A witty saying proves nothing."
    - Voltaire (1694-1778)

  8. We like to keep flames and immatureness to a minimum and this thread has the potential to turn real ugly real fast and start unnecessary BS, so i gotta close it. Sorry db, hope u understand


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