Danza Slap???

  1. Danza Slap???

    I recently overheard someone refer to having given his GF the "Danza Slap". I later Googled it, and just about LMOA when I read the descriptions.

    Pretty funny.

  2. who's the boss?

  3. Urban Dictionary: Danza Slap

    This refers to the early years of Tony Danza. Before Who's the Boss, Danza's porn name was Tony Nadz. His signature move was the danza slap.

    search google images for "danza slap" with SafeSearch filter off and see tony danza in action lol

  4. wow.. i wish i didn't look that up. i can not look at him the same way every again. And its not even a good " i cant look at him the same way ever again"

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