Gyno question

  1. Gyno question

    Why don't you see any gyno in the classic bodybuilders from the 70's etc.?

    This was in the days before ancillaries if im not mistaken, any thoughts?

  2. Most had surgery to remove it.. just not much hype about it then

  3. Yeah, I'm considering surgery myself. The worst of it is, I'm totally natural!!

  4. isn't it like 2 grand?

  5. I dunno. Here, the entire medical system is free. Of course this might be considered an aesthetic surgery, which is NOT free, but some docs I know tell me I just MIGHT get it done as a "medical condition requiring surgery" which is free.

    My fingers are crossed... And I'm a little worried about the scarring, but heck it's better than a pair of tits... Nothing against breasts, mind you, I really really like them. Just ask my avatar. But not MINE.

  6. i guess healthcare is one good thing about canada...not being able to get certain supplements isn't so great though.

  7. Especially those supps that give you the gyno in the first place


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