Stats Question! Please Help!

  1. Stats Question! Please Help!

    Alright I have this problem for homework and I am so lost. This is for a marketing class, but the question represents a statistical probability. So if anyone out there could help that would be amazing...

    An admission dean has noted that 70% of all applicants for a college program are from in state, 20% are from neighboring states and 10% are from other states. for a random sample of 100 applicants 75 were from in state, 15 were from neighboring state, 9 were from other state. test the null hypothesis that applicants in the current year follow the usual pattern.
    Armed to the teeth.

  2. come on I know there is someone out there who knows how to do this
    Armed to the teeth.


    this site pretty much walks you through it. you gotta know what significance level you are testing it at to answer it. Hopefully this will work and isn't too late, sorry I couldn't help more. It's late and I failed my business stats class and am retaking it this summer, lol

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