Laser surgery

  1. Laser surgery

    Has anyone here recieved laser surgery ? I am near-sighted and have considered getting it done. I only know 2 people who have gotten it.

    One had everything perfectly fine and is still ok until today.

    The other had blood hemmoraging in his eyes. I recall seeing all these trace blood spots on his eyes after he got it done. He was telling me that it was totally normal. For some reason I'm not so sure.


  2. My older brother got it done. First eye went fine, as they were doing the other one something tore, filled his eye with blood and he had to wait another month to get it fixed. Doctor said it was the 2nd time it had happened in a few thousand ops. He still said it's the best thing he's ever done.

  3. My eyes are getting to the point where they are easily getting irritated with contacts. I've been wearing contacts for close to a decade now and my perscription is -5.50 for both eyes.

    I'd like to get it done for convience reasons. The financial issue isn't the problem, its the safety behind it all which has me hesitant.

  4. I'm sick of contacts myself, and would love to have the procedure done but don't know if I can. (Took a baseball bat to the face several years back and wound up with a torn iris and cataracts among other injuries.) I'm thinking about going in for a consultation this summer sometime, but I'm not so sure I'd qualify. I have several friends who have had lasik and each one of them tell me it is the best thing they've ever done. Ideally I'd like to get PRK since I am pretty active and want to get into MMA, but I guess I'll have to wait and see what my doctor tells me.

  5. I had it done in 2000, been fine since. I have a little distortion at edges of high contrast areas when its dark out (looking at the full moon for instance) but other than that its perfect

  6. I also had it done in 2000. Ten minutes of mental hell during the process (no pain), then freedom from glasses/contacts. I never had any problems with it. They built in reading glasses by making my dominant eye a little stronger. I loved it. My boss just had it done too. Looks like things have come a long way in eight years as he didn't really need any recovery time. Seeing the alarm clock and shampoo for the first time was a great feeling, lol.

  7. I had Lasik in Dec 2005. Just had my eyes checked: 20:13 - my doc (didn't know I had the surgery) commented that was fighter pilot vision.

    Day time it's great - especially on the highway when I can see Five-0 way before they see me; however, nighttime is not as good - probably just 20:20 - but now I'm use to 20:13, so the difference is kinda drastic in low light conditions.

  8. I got it done Jan 2008, so 3 months ago. I got perfect 20/20 vision afterwards, however, recently long distance reading has starting getting a little hazy. So they want me to wait it out and see if it gets better over the next couple of weeks. And if not, they'll schedule me to go back in and get "touched up". Other than that, I've had no issues. Although, I consider not getting it completely right the first time pretty major issue,

  9. Yeah the problem with messing up your eye vision, is there isn't exactly a 'refund' that you can get for blindness.

  10. I've heard that a lot of the risk involved comes from the quality/skill level of the doctor performing the procedure.

    Here's another question for those who got the procedure done:

    How well did you research your doctor before the procedure, and how did you pick your doctor out?

  11. I researched my doctor pretty extensively. She's done over 10,000 Lasik procedures, so I felt pretty secure in using her (and paying her more money than other doctors). They say that after the procedure your vision can fluctuate (too true), so I'm not too worried yet.

  12. my mom got it done a few years ago and hasn't had any problems

  13. I work in the medical field, and will tell you there is no way in hell you're coming near my eyes with a laser. I've heard/witnessed many success as well as the horror stories. I honestly don't mind my contact lenses.

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  14. I look sexy as hell in glasses


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