American Chopper - BSN Bike - April 24th

  1. American Chopper - BSN Bike - April 24th

    OCC pumps it up on their latest custom creation for nutritional supplement company, BSN. During fabrication Jr. & Sr. go face to face over missing tools, and the Girls of BSN stop in to lend a hand.

    just a reminder this show is tomorrow on TLC @9

    TLC :: TV Listings :: American Chopper

  2. It would be a disgrace to my board name if I didn't catch it.

  3. I want a BSN girl!!

  4. maybe roney coleman will make a guest apparence

    [IMG]****76 059&d=1208987014[/IMG]

  5. Ronnie is going to be on the show

  6. I don't get cable lol, but I might catch some clips online. And Ronnie will definitely be there with some BSN girls!


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