Saw LOTR The Two Towers last night....

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  1. hell yeah thank god its only a year wait till return of the king.. unlike others like star wars thats freakin 3 years or whatever..

  2. Wasn't bad, certainly better than the first, but somewhat cumbersome and burdened by the magnitude of what it was trying to do... I know this is a Lord of the Rings thread, but see Gangs of New York. I always liked Daniel Day Lewis, but this he displays some of the best acting I have ever seen bar none. Intense, badass and crazy. He's so good, it actually takes away from the rest of the movie. Truly amazing.

  3. o/t

    what are some good books similar to lord of the rings? i have exhasperated my JRR Tolkein resources, having read many of his books.

  4. to me this is the pinnacle of the storytelling medium that is movies from the story to the acting to the photography its pure eye and mind candy..words cant do it justice..hehe and to top it off u got a sneak preview of x-2 man im loving life these days im a total geek and proud

  5. Originally posted by Big Daddy Chemo
    And to think...I actually read the books   Now they are making the movies...

    They made a book out of that movie....

  6. Cool

    I saw it last night; wow. I would most def boff that chick who was aragon's elf GF.. Legalos is cool too.

  7. you know who that chick is right? well in case you didnt its liv tyler.. heh
  8. Cool

    Oh, nice. Anyway, I'd show her my beast

  9. Originally posted by Big H
    Oh, nice. Anyway, I'd show her my beast
    She'll run away when she sees Lethal, believe me.

  10. I liked the first, but this one was far better.  3 1/2 hours without blinking--don't wear your contacts, wear your glasses to go see it.

    And the X-2 and Terminator 3 previews were pretty good, too.
  11. Cool

    Originally posted by Sean

    She'll run away when she sees Lethal, believe me.
    Damn right she will. But she'll come around


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