End-all-be-all Bodybuilding/Nutrition/anatomy book?

  1. End-all-be-all Bodybuilding/Nutrition/anatomy book?

    Are there any books out there that were specifically written to address all things bodybuilding? Not so much work out schemes, but more the processes of the body, chemical and supplement effects on the body, everything like that.

    There's just so much to learn and half of the technical talk on here goes way over my head. I'm not looking for a basic college level anatomy book, but something more tailored to our particular hobby.


  2. I've actually been searching around to find the best works on this.

    What I have on hand at the moment:

    1) Currently Reading Optimum Sports Nutrition: Your Competitive Edge by Dr. Colgan of the Colgan Institute. Its a little dated (92) but the info is still worth while.

    2) After this will be reading Alan Aragon's Girth Control (I have actually been in contact with him about his opinion on works that are worthwhile. He also recommended the works from Lyle McDonald. I personally want his book as well, he did not pimp it to me)

    3) Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism. I bought this a while ago after hearing Jerry talk about it. Way over my head than but will begin going through it in the upcomming year.

    4) Lyle McDonald's Ultimate Diet 2.

    I also actually just signed up for Alan Aragon's monthly research report (AARR) which is a monthly report on multiple aspects of the fitness world (mainly nutrition and supplements). I am really looking forward to it.

    Those are whats on tap for myself in the up coming months. I think that Girth Control is something you are specifically looking for here though.

  3. Hmm alright many thanks. I'll look into that one.

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