Local fat storage

  1. Local fat storage

    Looking for any info on lipo therapy. This is a proceedure where they inject some stuff into fat localized areas with hundreds of tiny needles over a few different times. I dont have high body fat but I have real stubborn spot on my sides and around my belly button.

    Looking for anyone that has tried this proceedure.

  2. Um F having 100s of needles stuck into me, I'd rather bust my ass and diet down some more lol. People have sticking points man but that fat will eventually come off. Also I would say look into some atomic meltodwn other topicals before that (which would also be much more cost effective.)


    Meltdown Trial Size

  3. Yeah not real into it either. I am pretty lean but cant seam to loose the little bit on the sides and around my belly button.

    I been reading on topicals like Napalm and am interested but have to say I am not over confident with supplements in general and topicals dont seem to get all that good or consistant reviews.

  4. Thats why there is the trial version my man! In all serious though the areas you mentioned are the notorious sticking zones for men. A little change in routine/nutrition and you will be able to get rid of it. I mean it is up to you but I would go the later route over the "quick medical fix" for multiple reasons.

  5. Thanks I will check it out

  6. talking about mesotherapy? or something like lipodissolve?

  7. Used in France for many years Lipo Therapy is a treatment technique for the reduction of cellulite and areas of stubborn fat deposits. Sōna MedSpa now brings a form of Lipo Therapy to our clients which can assist in ridding their bodies of unwanted fat and cellulite without the need for more drastic measures like liposuction or surgery.

    The technique is simple - microinjections of conventional medicines are injected into the layer of fat and connective tissue of the mesoderm (the middle layer of the skin). The solution dissolves the fat which the body then naturally absorbs (metabolizes) much as it does a bruise. These microinjections provide a non-surgical alternative to assist Sōna clients in reducing cellulite and fat in the thighs, abdomen, knees, ankles, hips and buttocks as well as diminishing puffy eyes, sagging chins and even spot weight reduction.

    Lipo Therapy should never be used as a stand alone miracle treatment for weight reduction; however, Lipo Therapy treatments in trouble areas that are typically unaffected by diet and exercise can assist clients in sculpting their bodies. Continued Lipo Therapy treatments combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise can assist in maintaining the new, Sōna-sculpted body.

    As every client has a different body with different needs, the number of Lipo Therapy treatments varies; as does efficacy. Not everyone will have success with Lipo Therapy and some may not be proper candidates for the treatment. Be sure to speak with your Sōna Consultant to ensure you are pursuing the proper course of treatment.

    Side effects to Lipo Therapy treatments, as with any injection treatment, can include bruising and tenderness in the injection areas and a risk of infection. Your Sōna Consultant will review all known possible reactions to Lipo Therapy prior to treatment.

  8. you can do that yourself easy enough. its nothing different than the transdermals, just used with a roller

  9. can you explane more


    what is a roller

    does this actually work

  10. I have the picture there of one of the rollers they use. what specifically they use with it as far as chemical goes is really up to the individual spa. different ones are different, so there is no telling. you could use that roller with something like napalm or lipoderm-ultra to help enhance absorption. not sure how it would really work, i've considered trying it.

    hard to say how well it works, there is no really easy way to do direct comparisons.

    the other thing they could be talking about is lipodissolve, which is subq injections of a specific chemical mix that is supposed to kill and dissolve fat cells. but its not fda approved, and results are iffy

  11. Can you purchase one of these rollers? I think I am going to go the Napalm/l-clen mix

  12. sure, look for "derma roller" around (always some on ebay), do some reading on it to figure out which needle length you need (i can't recall) to just punch up the skin but not actually go thru it. they sell 3-4 different ones

  13. Cool thanks! I will see if I can figure out which one to use.

    I need to read on how to mix/use the clen/Napalm combo

  14. That thing looks a like a damn medieval tourture device. AHHHH!!

  15. its actually not even an inch across. the needles are miniscule

  16. I wounder how this works compared to just applying the topical product on the skin itself

  17. the people who sell the rollers say it works a lot better

  18. Sounds like all reps.


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