Fck Life!

  1. Angry Fck Life!

    I just got over Poison Oak like maybe 3-6 days ago completely and I wore my damn basketball jersey yesterday and its obvious now that I didnt wash it and had poison oak on it and now I got it under my fcking arm again, im so damn pissed right now, took it like a good 2.5weeks to go away.

  2. Doing laundry... It's a good thing.
    At least it wasn't underware.

  3. that **** sucks man. i had ti for 2 weeks took a week to pop up. u should get some gold bond and sparay it on. only thing i found to stop the itch.

  4. glad I'm not your roommate!

  5. don't feel too bad.. as a kid I remember having that sh*t on my face and eye's when I got it the first time I didn't know what to do or apply on it, after that I would get it in the summer when its hot and you can't help but itch... after a few of these bad experiences my body got immune to it and I dot get it anymore, plus i don't run thought the bushes like i used to.



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