Krill oil??

  1. Krill oil??

    any1 take this stuff i heard good stuff bout it.. like increase memmory, anti-inflamatory. I was just curious of where to make the best purchase of it? and capsules or straight up oil? which ones more efficient

  2. I think there is only one brand that sells it right now and its really expensive. I would suggest sticking with regular fish oil until this becomes more commercial. Its funny though because krill is such an abundant species, they actually are responsible for the color of the ocean, or so I have heard.
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  3. NKO (neptune krill oil) is the standard brand that many supplements use for their krill oil. you can find it pretty easy with google. swansons has the cheapest NKO that i've been able to find, 1 month (90 tabs) for 18.50.

    if anyone knows of a cheaper place please post

  4. Like they mentioned, Krill isn't mainstream yet and is way too expensive IMO.

  5. krill....arent those the bat things from Gears of war 2????

    lol....year old thread revived!



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