Calculus Anyone(2)? ASAP!

  1. Calculus Anyone(2)? ASAP!

    Can someone help me with calculus, pretty please? =)

    1: x -> 0

    ( (1/4) - ( 1 / (x+4)) ) / x

    2: x -> 0

    ( (x+2)^1/2 - (2)^1/2) ) / x

    3: x -> 0


    First Derivatives:
    1: x^3(x+1)^1/2

    2: cos^4(5x^2)

    3: x^2-3xy+y^2=42


    First one doesn't exist because plug in zero into x for numerator after you combine the 2 terms into a whole fraction and youll get a zero for the numberator and you get zero for denonminator since your going to zero so the limit can't exist since 0 divided by 0 doesn't. Graph it if you don't believe me

    for first derivative of number 1

    Your gonna need to use the product rule in combination with the chain rule for the (X+ 1) ^ 1/2 part but fortunately the derivative of the inside for of those parenthesis is just 1 so it can be ignored when using the chain rule so in a sense its just theproduct rule by itself.

    Double check i did number 2 right as im on 6-OXO and rather incoherent

    If anyone needs help on calculus 2 or 3 or any upper division or master degree math for that matter just post here ill try to help as much as i can IM KIDDING GUYS!


  3. 6oxo makes you incoherent? does it give you a buzz or something?

  4. haha no i meant it kinda makes me down and moody.

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