Post your funny Videos Here:

  1. Post your funny Videos Here:

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    this last one is of an adult/controversial nature.

    You are watching Late Date Another Funny Video from Brad Neely on Super Deluxe

    i changed the one above due to its possible offense-causing capability. it was just funny to me, not really meant to be offensive.

  2. hey, now that i know i can't post videos, can i have my points back?

  3. dude, one point? come oooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!! hook me up!!!!!

  4. c'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mon!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! i can't believe we ain't all crackin' up about 'late date'!!!! i thought this would make me a badass here!

  5. I've seen late date before... Still funny as crap.. Professor Brothers rock, lol.

  6. hell yeah, ozarka!!! that is good ****. i like that you like it, cause i like having something in common with my board comrades.


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