the future mr. olympia

  1. the future mr. olympia

    check out the quads.

  2. How bout you introduce us to this new superhero of yours primal.


  3. i could not help showing off my son. this is his 3 month picture. he is going to be 5 months old 9-5-03. for those that don't have kids, there is something that comes over you everytime you look at them. i can't wait for the days we can lift together.

  4. Ok, I'd say this bro:

    1. have him try a 3 day split, HIT style
    2. I'd go about 2g protein/lb....heavy lifting after all!
    3. Try a 40/40/20 split at first, and see if Gerber makes a MRP formula......

    LOL he's a cute one

  5. Congrats on your son bro. Man, your kid has an intense look. He may be one of those kids who look intimidating at school. Get him some Creatine fortified Gerber, Muscle Milk (it tastes so good so he'll keep drinking it) keep him dedicated and he'll be all right

  6. congrats on ur son..send him to a remote tropical island and rename him julius and never tell him about his

  7. awesome, bro. but dont have him grow up too fast....its so cool to see parents who really care about their kids.

    ww7 is always looking for suggestions on new products so maybe he's gonna start sellin some mrp infant formulas...heh

  8. Better hit the juice right away, Primal1, he looks like he's gonna be a strong one...

  9. dude..great genetics..!!!

    he's ripped!

  10. Do the right thing, Primal.

    Substitute his formula mix with whey protein mix and creatine. He will be benching double his weight in a year.
    TheChosen12012 A.P.F California State Champion& 2 Class Record Holder (Deadlifts)

  11. hmm, hes holdin onto some water, id put him on some letro if the lil guy belonged to me

  12. Very nice bro. I adjusted the size and contrast on the pic to make it a little more user friendly. I have 3 sons and love them all more than words can say! Let me see if I can find a pic....

  13. My three Knights.

  14. no offensive Wind, but your are in for a world of **** when then get older. They look so innocent and friendly right now but there will come a day when rebelion kicks in and ooh lord. That pic reminded me of when I was a kid and everyone thought I was so cute, haaaaa I had them fooled. I was a pyro, burnt down my neighbors house at age 11. You should hear the stories at family reunions that come out when I go to light the grill or candles or something. People still fear the flames.
    And that was just the beginning.

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAA, your screwed buddy. 3, all looking around the same age. Im gonna go pray for you.

    Just ****ing with you bro, but keep your eyes on those little angels cause the devil lurks in all men.

    I cant wait for the day to come when Im in your shoes


  15. Originally posted by TheChosen1
    Do the right thing, Primal.

    Substitute his formula mix with whey protein mix and creatine. He will be benching double his weight in a year.
    believe it or not the main component in formula is whey. my wife would not have anything of it though. i joked about it once and she came unglued saying that i wasn't going to force him into sports. mother insticts must have kicked in. good lookin kids wind. your oldest looks like he's got something up his sleeve. ha.

  16. My 3 yr old love my protien drinks. I only give him little sips though cuz I'm afraid he'll get an upset stomach.
  17. KFlex
    KFlex's Avatar

    Here's a pic of my futue bodybuilder, the boy grows like a horse, he's 1 yr old and 30lbs.

  18. Flex, your pic was not loading. Try again bro.

  19. thunder thighs as they say (or said about me, anyway), nice picture of your wonderful boy there primal, thanks for sharing with us all. you too Jake... although I must say, I prefer LunaHotel's avatar as far as overall uh... leg development...


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