wide receiver: training for your hands..

  1. wide receiver: training for your hands..

    okay now that all of you immature folks have your giggles out... does anyone know the best training for this?

  2. What specifically are you looking for? A few that I can think of;
    1. Stand about 4ft away from a wall and just throw a tennis ball at it trying to catch and throw it back as quick as you can. (hand eye cordination)
    2. For your grip you can take a bag of rice and just grab a handful and squeeze for 5 or 10 seconds.
    3. Another for grip is to preform pull ups with a towel over the bar, by the time you finish those your hands will be sore as s**t.
    4. Just catch a football from anyone work on all type of routes and throws from the quarterback.

  3. Frankly, I'm assuming that you have been choosen by a coach (High School/ College) to be a wide reciever, so this means that you have natural ability.

    1. God bless you
    2. You either have natural speed, hands, agility, or a combination of
    3. No weight trainging will help you in either one (maybe speed, this is up to debate)

    My best recommendation, would be work on sprinting exercises for cardio

    warm-up: Knee highes 3 sets 40 yard, ass-kickers 3 sets 40 yards
    All out: sprints- 40 yards hard, until you toss-em or close

    Routs/footwork find your QB, hope he's as dedicated as you, run routs till it automatic

    Hands: (and I assume this is you key goal) There is a pro-potential camp that has prospects look at a light board and hit the light with their had as it lights up. Most people are not previe to that kind of training, so, the best way to learn is catch a lot of balls. I'm a basketball kid, and I can tell you dribbling or playing with a tennins ball helped alot. Try it, carry one all the time, squeeze it to help forarm/ hand strenght, dribbble it to help hand/eye cordination

    This may not have been what your looking for, but it will help. Anyone with more (e.i. college/pro/semi-pro) advice obviously trumps mine.

    good luck bro,


    P.S. basic muscle devolpment will go a long way as far as line separation goes, look at the guys getting drafted now-a-days, they are all 6 foot + 200 + so they can fight off bump coverage

  4. I played for Southridge Spartans out of Miami for 2 years and both years we were state champs in High school Bracket. I also have friends on just about every College Football team in Florida and most of them use or used the same program we did. Bigger, Faster, Stronger. Its a very hardcore program if used right and it works wonders.

    Its specificly targeted towards Football and Basketball and some of the stuff you do is intense as you can get.

    Bigger, Faster, Stronger

    Try the free Membership in the link and see what you get. I havent checked it out but Im sure you can probably buy the materials online from them.

    Let me know what you come up with. If it doesnt help ill try and explain some of the different exercises for you.


  5. also any type of quickness drills with the hands.. My brother and I used to do this little hand slap game that really worked on speedy hands... and also keeping your eyes on what the other guy was doing.. worked good for bball..



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