Investing in a crotch-rocket....

  1. Cool Investing in a crotch-rocket....

    I'm about to give myslef an early death and buy a crotch-rocket. I would appreciatte anyone who is into bikes, offer up some suggestions.

    I'm not trying to blow 15 grand on one, but am able to spend around 8k. As I've sold my Neon (refer to car thread)

    I could also go the used route and get a 1000cc for around 1000-2500. I know some bros that fix up wrecked ones at their biz, and are pretty damn cheap.

    Aside from the costs, I need sort of a beginner type, but not super-pansy. I have rode db's, quads, etc. since I was a youngin', but have yet to ride a streetbike "legally" and not running from the cops or goin for a beer run, etc. when I was a "hard ass" in H.S. Yea, I haven't got a license yet either.

    So, what do you think would be cool for me? I figure it's nearing end of the summer, so some sales and deals will be goin on about now.

  2. For only 6K-7K........

  3. Hamina, hamina, hamina..................the speed of death....

  4. My favorite is the Ducati line but obvisouly we're not going there.

    After that the Suzuki GSXR series are my favorite. I had a bike when I was 16 years old as I rode dirtbikes when I was younger so I knew how to ride. I almost died twice because of other people and you will soon find out that its never usually your fault but idiot drivers who just don't see you. Back then I road a Ninja 600R and liked it. It was a good size for someone young. Now I'm looking into a bigger bike and will proably go with a Ducati 999 or GSXR-750 in the future. If your beginner I wouldn't go with anything bigger than a 600 especially with sport bikes. Since you do have experience you could get away with a 750 but then your prcie range shoots up a bit for a good quality one. It might not be needed. I was never a fan of the Yamaha bikes.

    Now this is the ****!
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  5. Yeah, those Ducati's are nice.

    Check out this link and look at the Senna. WHOOWEE!!! GODAM*!! They say MFRSP is 28K!!

    I'm beginning to think I should just get a redo from those cats I mentioned for now. I know I'm gonna want to upgrade anyhow, so I might as well buy a cheapo first.

    This one guy I know is selling his Yamaha 600--I can't remember specifics, but for only 1200. I bet I could get him down more too.

    I'll look around a bit, I guess. Bobo, I'll be hitting you up hopefully so I can get another's opinion OK?


  6. Bro - I would go with a used one for the time being - summer is pratically over and I think you can find a decent 600 or 750 (honda, yamaha, suzuki for a real nice price (like under 2G's) - seeing as you are a semi-beginner to the road - I think you'll gain the best experience starting off small working your way up - get a good feel for the road and by the time it's ready to put the bike away for the winter you'll want a R1, gsxR 1100 or ducati. Only you will know how much power your comfortable with. Ride safe and like bobo said watch out for the morons on the street, almost always is their fault becasue they aren't paying attention.

    - No preference in makes for smaller bikes (honda cbr 600 would most likely be your cheapest bet and a really fun bike) though I just rode my boys gsxr 750 and that is the nicest small series I have ever riden but the R1 is by far the best bike I have rode but at the same time I have never tested anything else of that caliber such as ducati or Suzuki.

    Have fun, Cheers

  7. Thx for your help Pfunk. The phunkadelic, eh? Raise the Roof!! LOL

    Anyhow, I found this bike below. This dude is selling it for $1900...I bet I could get him down a bit too, if I had cash right then and there.
    "Gee mister, my brother only has 3 more weeks to live and he wanted me to use the money for his heart transplant so he can spend the time he has left to be cool" Heh.....

    It's a 1999 Suzuki RF600RS ---Whadya think? Talk about a beginner's bike though, sheesh.

  8. Originally posted by Bobo
    My favorite is the Ducati line but obvisouly we're not going there.
    **** YEAH BRO!!! I love Ducati cycles.

  9. Jergo, I don't know too much about it, but the 1999 Suzuki RF600RS that you posted is pretty good looking.

  10. Yea, it looks like its in good shape, plus you can tell that its a beginner just by looking at it. I think I'll go talk to him more today.

  11. You might want to think about Honda's VTR 1000 SuperHawk. Reasonably priced and looks sharp.

  12. i know around here, the test for a class m liscense involves a "s" curve that is to tight for most croctch rockets to make. most crotch rocket depend on leaning to make a turn and don't have much turning radius. a lot of my friends take the test on buells. they seem to have the turning radius. and they look pretty cool.

  13. what about a r6, good blend between performance and handling, its not an all out highway monster like the 'busa is

  14. I figure if I'm going to buy a new bike, I wanna buy one that I like the looks of. The ninja's look descent, but not what I'm looking for. I kinda want a longer type bike w/ a lower heighth on it.

    So far, it's either the 750gsxr or the cbr if buying a new one. Still not satisfied though. I'm gonna have to go visit those bike shops around here and see what they can do for me. There's a lot of 'em.

  15. you are on the right track. find you something cheap and ride it for a few months. almost everyone drops there first bike. if you want a new one, do like bobo said stick to a 600. they can get away from you in a hurry. the 04 GSXR 600 is getting a new motor and new skin. thats what I would wait on if I was getting a new GXSR.


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